Dayton Property - Raw Land #1
Commercial Real Estate
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8.36 Acres
East - Dayton
Land For Sale:  
Dayton, TX  77535
Property  Description:
Location Description:
  • Prime location just as one enters the city limits of Dayton from Hwy 90
  • Close access to FM 321
  • Property includes a lake.
  • Portion of land is located in 100 year flood zone, but can be raised above flood zone levels for
    approximately $8000.
  • Existing owners recently upgraded installation of neighboring property's utilities to make ready
    for hotel, restaurant, etc.  Utilities available but will need to be connected from neighboring
  • Good location for restaurant, hotel, or service station.
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TREC License #0313655
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-  Office:  713.822.0707

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  • Roddy McAlpine